Raw Aviation is owned and run by professional pilots, engineers and aircraft owners with extensive experience in the aviation industry.

It all started with the purchase of a Cessna 172P which was imported into South Africa and lovingly rebuilt to a very high standard. Soon after the aircraft was put to work in a local flight school, another aircraft was purchased - and so the journey began...
As our fleet expanded, so did our need to ensure that the maintenance thereof was controlled to our high standard.
Raw Maintenance AMO 1422 - a SACAA Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) was duly formed.
Our AMO carries out work not only on our own aircraft, but also for a growing number of discerning aircraft owners.

A variety of aircraft are owned, operated and managed by Raw Aviation. 
Our clients have come to expect service excellence. 

We believe in providing a personal touch - with great attention to every detail.

Contact us to make the move to Raw Aviation.

We are determined to make a positive and lasting difference to General Aviation in South Africa, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Raw Aviation Family.